As a painter and constructor, I offer comprehensive services for your home or office space. I would be happy to advise you on my projects but will offer very little by way of support  with my expertise when it comes to considering what is Art.


My Business


As a painter and constructor, the reason why I persist in pushing against the natural direction of time/space and bring organised stuff into being, is my business.



Along with specialist construction techniques, I can also create other modern decorative visuals. I can design, build and install 3D objects for an exhibition or party; project images onto most things or create bespoke murals for your wall. I have worked with private clients and businesses to create unique and personal objects that are what you make of them.


In a word, in a work

I perform painting, constructing and assembly work for your interiors. I am expert in various techniques that allow me to create the individual emotionally neutral, plastic art pieces of your dreams. During all my work, I focus on high-quality products, competent and comprehensive thought-processes, without taking into account the cultural mores of you and present or future observers.


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